University of Warwick Symphony Orchestra

Are you thinking of joining?

The first rehearsal is on Tuesday the 2nd of October, in the Helen Martin Studio (which is in the Arts Centre) at 7pm. Everyone, absolutely everyone, is welcome to come and play! You are then all invited to perform with us in the Butterworth Hall on the following Tuesday. So, see you on the second day of term!

In the Free Concert (Tuesday 9th October), we will be performing Ride of the Valkyries, Nimrod from Enigma Variations and the 1812 Overture. What a line-up!

For everyone else:

Welcome to the virtual home of the University of Warwick Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra is based in the University of Warwick Music Centre and is comprised mainly of University students, together with some staff and members of the local community. We have a performing Orchestra of nearly one hundred people, although the society membership is nearly 150, and perform throughout the year at various prestigious venues, including Coventry's renowned Godiva Festival, and the Warwick Arts Centre's Butterworth Hall.

The UWSO is an organisation which encompasses both the Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, the latter of which has performed with such distinguished guests as the Israel Piano Trio. Both ensembles are conducted by the University's Director of Music, Paul McGrath, the Assistant Director of Music, Lucy Griffiths, and Roger Coull, leader of the famous Coull Quartet, the University's Quartet-in-residence.

To find out what's happening this term, see the Events page.